How to manually redirect customers after registration on Shopify

May 14 2020

Guide: Redirect customers to checkout after registration

2 minute read

How to add pictures to your navigation menu in Shopify

May 13 2020

Add pictures to Shopify navigation

1 minute read

Redirect customers after registration on Shopify with Customer Fields

March 25 2020

A customer registers for an account on your Shopify store… What do they see next?

2 minute read

How to enable customer accounts on Shopify

March 11 2020

How to enable customer accounts on Shopify

3 minute read

Shopify: Add fields to customer registration form

January 21 2020

Add fields to your customer registration form on Shopify

3 minute read

How to create a separate registration form on Shopify

January 20 2020

Create unique Shopify registration forms on different pages

3 minute read

How to export unique customer data from the Customer Fields app

January 16 2020

Export unique customer data

1 minute read

How to organize unique customer data within Shopify

January 14 2020

Import and organize customer data in Shopify

5 minute read

How to automate customer tags in Shopify

January 13 2020

How to apply customer tags automatically in Shopify

2 minute read

How to add a birthday field for customers in Shopify

January 9 2020

Happy birthday to you 🍰 

4 minute read

How to get Customer Fields data into Mailchimp

January 7 2020

Import customer data from Shopify into Mailchimp

1 minute read

Get to know your customers: the key to a great customer profile

January 2 2020

The key elements to effective customer profiling: data

5 minute read

Our vision for 2020

January 1 2020

Helium builds apps Shopify Merchants depend on

2 minute read

Like Customer Fields? Then you will love these updates

October 31 2019

Coming soon… Customer Fields version 3

6 minute read

How to create a Shopify email link from your theme navigation

October 10 2019

Add an email link to your Shopify navigation

1 minute read

Meteor Mega Menus for Shopify

October 27 2018

Beautiful, seamless, and simple mega menus for Shopify

3 minute read

Free Giveaway: Shopify Black Friday / Cyber Monday Countdown Timer

October 25 2018

2019 BFCM Countdown Timer for Shopify

1 minute read

Bacon Mega Menu Gets an Update

January 31 2018

We've been working hard on the newest version of the Bacon Mega Menu app for Shopify. Now it's called Meteor. Yes, after much deliberation, we decided that the name "Bacon" di...

5 minute read

Why we use Cloud66 to launch Ruby on Rails apps

October 10 2016

We switched from Heroku to Cloud66, and we’re really happy about it.

How to flag Shopify products as "new" by date

October 10 2016

Here’s a quick way to mark a product as being new by the date it was added to your Shopify store.

2 minute read

5 Common Pitfalls when Developing a Shopify Theme

October 10 2016

Learn some tips on developing Shopify themes and some pitfalls to avoid. Build Shopify themes that perform and are easy to update and edit.

10 minute read

Create an array in Shopify's liquid

June 6 2016

A quick way to create an array in Shopify's liquid.

1 minute read

Introducing Relatable

April 8 2016

Today we’re excited to launch Relatable

2 minute read

How to create sub-collections in Shopify with link lists

May 16 2015

If you've used Shopify for any amount of time, you'll realize that it doesn't support creating sub categories for all your products. But it is possible.

10 minute read

A better way to do Sass with Shopify Themes

February 25 2015

Doing Shopify development with Sass in the assets folder can be limiting. Instead I choose to use Compass to compile my CSS for Shopify

10 minute read