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We're here because we believe good online software can help merchants do better business.

Our Story

Nick grew up tinkering. It was the boom of the Internet and he couldn’t stay off the computer building websites of all shapes, sizes, glass gradient buttons, and Web 2.0 goodness. While in high school he started a small agency with a friend to help local companies get on the web. Eventually, while working his first "real job" as a nuclear mechanic, Nick took on a side project to build a Shopify store for a local startup and came to love working with the platform.

Soon after, he quit his job and started Helium as an agency, building custom projects for clients. While building new stores for clients, the need for new apps on the Shopify market was clear. That’s when Helium started. We launched the first app “Bacon Mega Menu” in 2015. With a bit of time, merchants started using the app and it gained some traction.

With a bad name and plenty of enthusiasm, we continued building other apps for the platform. Bacon has since been rebranded to "Meteor Mega Menu", we launched a new app called "Customer Fields" (which quickly surpassed Meteor in popularity), built a theme, worked on hundreds of custom projects, and we haven't stopped pushing.

But we're only getting started.

You're breathing about 0.0005% Helium right now.

Our Elementals


We are creatively curious, looking for new opportunities everywhere we go and in everything we do.


We are a constant in an ever-changing world, always delivering on our promises, and creating products that companies depend on.


We are a human company in a digital space, and we never forget that everyone who uses our products is a human being too.

How we create


Design for us is about usability and joy. We strive to build projects that ditch the clutter and put important pieces front and center. We believe that an experience misses the mark when poorly designed, even if it's otherwise built well. Good design should also be a joy to use. We get excited about the small details that most people don't notice, but make a design special and unique. We love putting smiles on our client's faces when they see what we come up with.


Anyone who's used the Internet for more than a few minutes knows that performance is a big deal when it comes to usability. Nobody gets excited about staring at a loading spinner for more than a few seconds. Ultimately, we know that good performance means more productive and happy customers, so we put on our best effort to make it a priority in whatever we build.


Every day, the value of customer data is growing. Merchants are understanding more about their customers and keeping track of more personal information. We stand by them by focusing on the security of our products. We strive to do this even as a small team. We maintain and uphold a set of internal security practices, hire trustworthy employees, and work industry guidance into our software including compliance toward GDPR. We do this because we believe this is part of being reliable. To learn more about how we do this, take a look at our security page.


We provide world-class customer support for the products we build. We realize that a product is only as good as how far we're willing to support it. For self-starters, we create videos and docs that explain how to accomplish common goals. When working directly with merchants, we take time to explain concepts and help with problems or confusion they encounter with our work. The products and services we provide are built for humans, so we put care into ensure it's a good experience.


We will be the first to admit it - we're a work in progress. We are on the journey to learn more and grow together as a company. We share knowledge as a team on the daily and often discuss new ways of doing better work. We think learning is the key to becoming experts and moving the industry forward. We love picking up and reading new books, listening to podcasts, and deliberating together on certain topics.

Meet the team

Here's the team of schemers, perfectionists, and adventurers behind Helium.

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