Add fields to customer registration form on Shopify

Add fields to your customer registration form on Shopify

It’s hard to imagine a better time to collect customer information than when they’re registering for an account. Shopify requires that they give you their name and email address– Why not use this opportunity to collect extra data to help fulfill orders, segment your customers, or market to new or existing customers?

1. Add ‘Accepts Marketing’ to customer registration forms in Shopify

It’s simple and a guaranteed way to increase the number of email subscibers to your store. This data is synced with your Shopify admin so you can easily determine who has opted-in for marketing and who hasn’t.

2. Get customer demographics

Learning your customer’s age, gender, or geographic region is a great way to enrich your marketing efforts and sell more! Getting customer demographics are proven to increase sales.

3. Ask for product specifications

Does your customer wear a Medium or Large? iPhone or Android? Asking customers for product specifications creates new opportunities for you. Now you can market specific products directly to the most relevant buyers. Personalization in marketing is everything!

What’s next?

After you collect info from customers, learn how to display it in your Shopify admin area through pinned metafields

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