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Fit, quality and, craftsmanship. All brought together by a love of Brooklyn. Eric Steffen, owner of Fitted Underground, knows how to care for his customers and ensure they get the perfect pair of jeans. We’ve partnered together to make sure no detail is left out when customers design their dream jeans on Fitted’s online store. Customer Fields helps set up form rules, conditional fields, and ties it all back to customers for easy marketing down the road. Below is our interview with Eric.**

How did you get started with FITTED Underground?

In 2013 I was working for a big bank and purchased a custom suit. I loved it and wanted all my clothes to fit so well, especially my jeans. So after toiling in the shadows for over a year, I traded spreadsheets for denim sheets and started FITTED Underground.

I bought a bunch of industrial sewing machines, which I had no idea how to use, and learned the trade from the ground up. It was painfully slow at times, but I never looked back; I sewed during the day and took patternmaking classes at night. I’m obsessive about the things that matter, and I poured myself into my new vocation. It’s all brought together by my love for Brooklyn, in pursuit of making my customers the perfect pair.

Tell us about the product

I began crafting custom jeans exclusively. I always believed in going deep into a product and market before expanding laterally. When I began I was charging $50 for a pair of custom jeans, so I was basically begging people for the opportunity to make jeans for them. But over the years, my product has improved, and today I make some of the best jeans in the world. (I no longer charge $50.) Recently, retailers have seen my Instagram account and reached out to place ready-to-wear orders, which has been very gratifying as well.

Tell us about your customers

My customer base is discerning. Some clients care greatly about the fabric. Others care mainly about the fit– but all care about the craftsmanship. People who value craftsmanship are willing to pay more for a product. I’ve seen a greater awareness of the benefits of slow fashion in terms of its longevity and impact upon the environment. It’s a movement that’s small but meaningful, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

How long have you been on the Shopify platform?

Since 2017

How many apps do you use to run your Shopify store?

I run 5 apps. Currently, yours is the only one I pay for. And it’s worth every penny!

Why did you install the Customer Fields app? What problem were you trying to solve?

As I continued to acquire customers, saving their measurements to my Google Sheets wasn’t cutting it. So I discovered Customer Fields to store client data, which is data gold. With it, I have a wonderful platform to grow my business. Without it, I am nothing.

What is the primary way your business has benefitted as a result of the app?

Customer Fields elegantly solved one of my biggest business problems: data capture and storage. And your customer service has been excellent as well.

How does the Customer Fields app help you run your business?

The integration with my Shopify store is seamless, so I can input a client’s measurements on my store’s front end and the data gets stored within Customer Fields’ database. Even better, that client is able to input his or her measurements via the website from anywhere in the world. That seamless integration and secure data storage is absolutely critical to my business.

How do you use the data collected via Customer Fields?

I extract the data from my Customer Fields database and drop it into a spreadsheet that translates a client’s measurements into their pattern measurements. I then know how to cut and sew a garment. So very quickly, the data becomes my roadmap for making jeans.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Helium’s support team has been very helpful in crafting the Customer Fields functionality to address my needs. I needed to rearrange the data fields on the Customer Fields backend, so I sent an email detailing the problem and the solution you came up with was laser-focused. You guys really did a great job and helped streamline my process. That kind of customer service means a lot, and I’m a very grateful customer. Thank you!

Where is your product available?

In the US, and everywhere else people wear jeans.

Treat yourself. Visit Fitted Underground and get your dream jeans today.

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