Helium x Fluorescent: Shopify theme integration

Helium's first-in-class theme partnership ensures a flawless experience for Shopify merchants using Shopify themes by Fluorescent

Helium Customer Fields is proud to announce that we have partnered with Fluorescent Design Inc to provide Shopify merchants with the best possible experience when using the Customer Fields app with any Fluorescent theme. 

Helium’s goal for this partnership is to support all sides of the Shopify ecosystem with our apps. With this partnership, Helium now has active partnerships across Themes, Agencies, and Apps.

Fluorescent theme integration

Customer Fields integrates with all Shopify Themes, but we went the extra mile with Fluorescent Themes to ensure a perfect fit.

We have built styles for each theme directly into our app’s codebase to ensure seamless integration. 

If you use a Fluorescent theme, the Customer Fields app is fully compatible with your theme styles, with no additional styling required (unless you want to dig in a little deeper and customize your forms). 

If you’re not familiar, here are a few ways Shopify merchants can optimize the customer registration process by using Customer Fields:

  • Adding new fields to registration (birthday, VAT, dog’s name, etc.)
  • Creating multiple, unique sign-up forms for different customer groups
  • Require email verification or account approval for new customers
  • Allow customers to edit their own account details (name, email address, marketing preferences, etc.)

Shopify Themes by Fluorescent

Fluorescent has been building premium Shopify themes since 2015, and we at Helium have personally vetted each theme and vouch for their quality. Their catalog of themes are Online Store 2.0 compatible, allow for Sections Everywhere, and feature all the next-gen Shopify features.

Fluorescent brings world-class ecommerce experiences to every merchant. Fluorescent currently has 5 Shopify themes available to purchase: 


(with three theme styles: Vogue, Chic, Organic) - Released August 2022!

A luxury Shopify theme optimized for growth. Stiletto is super flexible and loaded with powerful features to take your brand to the next level. Its highly customizable sections help create compelling product stories and robust built-in app functionality increases average order value and boosts conversions. 

Noteworthy features:

  • Multiple ‘Shop the Look’ sections
  • Responsive Countdown and Promotion banners
  • Multi-purpose popups 


(with three theme styles: Chic, Minimal, Clean) 

Perfect for those merchants kickstarting their business, Spark spans the gap between your vision and the marketplace. It’s a theme that aligns beauty with necessity so you can put things in motion with a minimal touch.

Noteworthy features: 

  • Mosaic grid section to combine images and video
  • Accordion FAQ section
  • Stylized testimonials


(with three theme styles: Chic, Natural, Modern)

Lorenza blends asymmetry and editorial features to create a highly editorialized, or curated, experience. It is perfect for merchants setting up a design oriented store, who have a lot of bold imagery. 

Noteworthy features:

  • Slideshow split (includes a separate image upload for mobile)
  • Image gallery section (for socials, lookbooks)
  • Image with text split 


(with three theme styles: Active, Modern, Sport)

Ira is perfect for high volume retailers who favor a clean and minimal aesthetic. Its design system is characterized by modular interlocking sections that give just about every page a sense of visual consistency.

Noteworthy features:

  • Modern grid-based design
  • High-resolution video section
  • Multiple mega menu options


(with three theme styles: Modern, Chic, Essential)

Context is a minimal and modular storytelling theme. It offers a variety of sections to help shed light on the context of your products: whether that’s how they’re made, where they’re made, or how they hold up after use. 

Noteworthy features: 

  • Featured collection tiles
  • 2 column mosaic grid (customizable blocks)
  • Quote/testimonial block

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