New blog, who dis?

At Helium we've been working hard to build a new blog that answers your burning Shopify app questions

Welcome to the new blog!

We built the new blog with a focus on creating a fresh and clean reading experience. We hope this means you can get the information you need quickly and with as little struggle as possible. 

Our design team really nerded out on updating our typography in a way that’s easy on the eyes and creates little to no eye fatigue. Actual calculators were involved, it was wild. We updated our typeface site-wide to Neue Frutiger which is an incredibly legible font.

It’s always a fun experiment to design a product for your own agency rather than someone else’s. It stirs up a lot of philosophical conversations about who we are as an agency, what we’re about, and how we communicate that in our design approach. We believe this new blog reflects our light-heartedness that leads to thoughtful approachable design. We pruned back all the fluff to put content on the center stage. We hope you enjoy!

New Categories

You’ll notice on our Blog homepage that you can filter posts by three categories:

  1. Grow
  2. Code
  3. News


Grow contains a variety of posts with the throughline of helping you grow your business. You can find a wealth of information in there covering everything from partner and customer reviews to instructions on how to add a birthday field to your registration form.


The Code category is how we flag more technical posts and typically relates to Shopify app developers. When we started building apps for the Shopify app store we learned so much from kind partners and mentors and we want to commit to giving back to the Shopify community too.


Under News, you’ll find anything pertaining to Helium Development and what’s going on with our apps. Any major releases, changes, updates will get covered in our News section.

At Helium, we’re on a mission to set a higher standard for app developers within the Shopify ecosystem.

With both of our Shopify apps, Customer Fields and Meteor Mega Menus, we work tirelessly to raise the bar on what customers can expect from their Shopify apps. Apps should cut out the hassles so you can focus on the work that matters and that builds your business.

We poured that same love and attention into this blog. We hope it’s a resource for you and your company for years to come, whether you just started a store today or you’re celebrating your millionth sale. We wish you the best of luck!

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