Personalize your email marketing with Omnisend and Customer Fields

Personalize your email marketing efforts in Omnisend with customer data from Customer Fields

Shopify merchants can now create personalized marketing campaigns and automations leveraging the Customer Fields x Omnisend integration.

What is Helium Customer Fields?

The Helium Customer Fields app allows Shopify merchants to add custom fields to your customer sign-up forms, giving you the ability to capture unique data that’s relevant to your business and marketing goals. You can use these custom fields to segment your customer base, create personalized marketing campaigns, and improve your overall customer experience.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an easy-to-use platform that helps you drive sales impact with powerful, ecommerce-tailored email & SMS marketing. Omnisend has everything you need to engage, convert and reactivate your Shopify store customers with personalized, relevant messaging, including newsletters, popups, and automated emails and SMS messaging.

How does integrating Omnisend and Helium Customer Fields benefit your business?

With the integration of Customer Fields and Omnisend, you can use zero party data collected directly from customers to create segments to make sure to show customers the most relevant content.

Running an online pet store? Ask customers if they are dog or cat lovers on your Customer Fields registration form, and then use this data to create separate segments in Omnisend. Then use Omnisend’s marketing automations to target dog products to dog lovers and increase your conversion rates.

Using Customer Fields and Omnisend together allows you to show specialized content based on unique customer data, send out personalized happy birthday emails, target business customers, and much more!

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