How to create a separate registration form on Shopify

Create unique Shopify registration forms on different pages

You can use Customer Fields to collect additional information from certain customer types during registration (members, wholesalers, special users, etc.) while allowing regular customers to create an account using Shopify’s standard registration form.

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Customize your registration form

First off, use Customer Field’s drag-and-drop form builder to add fields relevant to your special customer segment. You can add one or two simple fields (such as customer’s birthday or zip code) or build out a multi-step form to gather more in-depth information about your customers.

Add a new page template

Using Customer Field’s easy-to-use form installation tool, you can select the ‘Separate page’ install location, and the app will automatically create a unique page template in your store’s theme. This page template will be available in the Shopify admin when creating and editing pages.

Display your new form on a Page

  1. Go to the Pages section of the Shopify admin (Online Store & Pages)
  2. Add a new page, or edit one of your store’s existing pages
  3. Look for the Template panel on the right-hand side of your screen. Use the Template suffix dropdown to select the page template for the desired form:

Rinse and repeat

The Customer Fields app uses the unique form id (“o3JtdV” in the example above) for the page template, which allows you to create as many unique forms as you need to segment your customers and run your business without the extra hassle!

After saving the changes to the page in Shopify, go ahead and view the page on the storefront to confirm if the app’s form is showing. If the registration form is showing then you’ve done things correctly! Feel free to test the form by creating an account to ensure things are working as expected 👍

Ready to get started?

The Shopify Community is littered with posts from merchants struggling to achieve this manually without any luck. Save yourself some time and effort and create a new registration form today with Customer Fields!

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