How to export unique customer data from the Customer Fields app

January 16, 2020

Export unique customer data

Shopify merchants use the Customer Fields app to gather unique data about that customers. The next step is getting that data and doing something with it, like segmenting your customers and personalizing your marketing efforts. No problem—we’ve designed a simple way to do just that.

To export customer data:

  1. Within the Customer Fields app, click on the Customers tab. This page is where you’ll find a list of all your customers; including their email, location, order information and total amount spent.
  2. Now that you’re in the Customers page, click Export on the lower left-hand side.

The file exported will be a CSV file (comma separated values file) including all the information your customers have submitted.

What about integrations?

We’re glad you asked! We are prioritizing integrations in 2020 and the top priority are email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Klaviyo! Stay tuned. 🎉 

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