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A Shopify theme crafted for hyper-performing mobile shopping experiences.

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Made from scratch.

We wanted to pull together all our Shopify experience from our apps and custom themes and pour it into a single project. So we dedicated time to brainstorming, collaborating, engineering and refining a Shopify theme with a hyper-sensitivity on user-experience and bulletproof code. 

Loads in seconds, no matter the device.

Carbon loads your store content faster than most Shopify themes, which helps drive sales and makes search engines like Google happy.

Dynamic Image Sizes

Carbon loads each image based on the size of the device’s screen so we don’t download unnecessary image data. This means big gains for loading images quickly on phones.

Responsive images


Feature 1Image Slider
Feature 2Customizable Sections
Feature 3Multi-column Menus
Feature 4Configurable Product Filtering
Feature 5Pre-designed Templates
Feature 6Newsletter Pop-up
Feature 7Interactive Cart
Feature 8Instant Search
Feature 9Full Width Images
Feature 10Social Media Integration
Feature 11Unique Banner Images
Feature 12Video Support

Built by Certified

Shopify experts

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