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Custom Solutions

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E-commerce Website Design & Development

Built with SHOPIFY

We specialize in developing beautiful online stores with an emphasis in high-performing, user-focused interfaces. Whether you're rebuilding a current shop or just getting started, launching a custom store will give you the ability to customize more and perform better than a generic theme. We use modern development standards that let us build rock-solid e-commerce experiences and a storefront that is uniquely yours.

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Custom dev

Custom Website Development

We build custom web sites for merchants that want to showcase their brand in the best possible way. We create bespoke sites that leverage our expertise in well thought-out user experience, gorgeous design, and bulletproof code all built upon a solid Rails foundation.



Web App Development

We build custom web apps for companies that want to automate, extend, and improve their web tools and software. We'd love to help bring your ideas to life, connect API dots, or extend Shopify's functionality by building high quality apps and websites that emphasize security, performance, and reliability.

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Service Packages

Store setup

Shopify Theme Customizations

We'll help you customize your Shopify theme to fit all of your needs. The sky is the limit!

Starts at $5k

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Full Theme Builds

Completely customized design and development that matches your brand perfectly.

starts at $15K


Page Speed Optimization

Slow load times? Scripts not optimized?    Images loading after page load? We can help!

starts at $2K

Custom dev


Have an awesome idea? Aren't sure what it will take to get it off the ground?
Our expert Ruby Developers and UI designers are here for you!

$125 / hour



Our custom projects follow these four steps to ensure a beautiful finished product: planning, design, development, and deployment. These are the foundation of every project that we take on and is our blueprint for success. We'd be happy to tell you all about it so let's jump on a call and go over your project. 

PlanningExplore solutions for your project
(preferably in person).

Design Deliver and review designs that speak your project's language.
DevelopmentTaking your site design and turning it into code.
DeploymentQA, training and site walkthrough for project handoff.