A few stellar examples of work we've done.

Ink and Volt

We built a custom store for Ink and Volt to sell their unique planners and stationery products with Shopify. The theme was designed and developed by Helium to provide a truly unique experience for their catalog.

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NutSac sells some amazing travel and every day carry bags for men. We helped them make a fully custom store that shows off their quality and American-made manufacturing.

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The SnapBar

The SnapBar is a luxury photo booth company based out of Seattle. We released a brand new feature for them called SnapBar Live. SnapBar Live edits and uploads images to the cloud within moments of taking a photo; revolutionizing their process and delighting their customers.

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SmartSweets partnered with us to redesign the way their products were presented on their Shopify store. We started with our Carbon theme as the foundation of our designs. We designed a unique product grid to showcase their products in a fun new way, developed custom product pages and custom designed a brand new box product using the ReCharge app for recurring orders. Kick Sugar, Keep Candy!

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Battle Corals sells some of the best SPS coral for reef keeping. We partnered with them to build a store that captures the attention of the enthusiast. Doing this we created custom iconography, logo and custom designed and developed the Shopify theme.

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Daedalus Motors

Daedalus Designs is a San Francisco based company that makes bespoke parts for the world's best bikes. Focusing on BMW, Daedalus custom designs and develops their own motorcycle parts. We partnered with them for the initial iteration of their website, but have since partnered again to develop their unique custom web elements within our Carbon theme. They had unique needs for their product offerings so we developed out a custom product page with custom product options.

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