Our Process

Every step of the way, we'll help make sure your project stays on course.

01 Explore

Discover you, your brand and the ins and outs of your business. This involves an in-person meeting between our Project Lead and UI/UX Designers. This meeting will set the pace for the project and will determine necessary branding components for the designs you're looking to bring to life within your website.

02 Prototype

Create a theme guidelines document based on what we discover in exploration that determines the design elements we use within your website (fonts, colors, imagery, content, etc.). The theme guidelines directly inform our design decisions and are the source of truth for your entire project. After you approve these guidelines, we move on to the first round of design.

03 Design

Deliver initial high fidelity user interface and experience designs for discussion. We'll explore design choices such as layout, colors, typography, and graphical elements. This is a great time to explore your ideas about how the site should look, where content should go, and how customers will interact with the site.

04 Build

Take the ideas and experiences from the design phase and turn them into code. Once we are in the build phase, all major decisions and directions have been made, so we have a clear path to the finish line. Once the development phase is complete, we deliver all work and documentation to you in a final site walkthrough meeting. Once handoff occurs, your website is ready to launch.

05 Improve

We highly value a continued relationship with our clients, and we know that after a site is launched there may be new inspirations or minor adjustments that need to be made. In post-launch, we support the website for up to 3 months after handoff for minor adjustments, design tweaks, and site maintenance.

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