Introducing Relatable

Apr 08, 2016 | Blog
Introducing Relatable

Today we're excited to launch Relatable

We've always had a little trouble when a client asked us to create some link between different Shopify resources. For example, how do you quickly and easily relate a list of articles to a product without digging into metafields, link lists, or some hack to allow the client to control the content. It's always been a challenge to build this sort of functionality, so we built an app that lets you do just that - and it's not hacky at all.

Born from real projects

We didn't build this while fantasizing about a magical app that would change the world. We had real people wanting this sort of functionality, and we built it so other developers can overcome the same challenges we faced.

Built for developers

We built this app through and through for developers who want to take Shopify store to the next level. Check out the docs.

Getting started

For now, the app is free. That might not always be the case, but if you install it today it will be for you forever. We're actively seeking feedback, so take a look and see what you think!

Visit Relatable

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Introducing Relatable

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